Specialty:  Bollywood, Bollywood Funk, Bollywood Mass and Modern Bellydance.

Trained in other dance styles:  Bellydance, Bhangra Funk, Hip Hop, MTV Funk, Pop Korean, and Tollywood.

Sharan has been learning dance from Master Ram for several years.  She is particularly inspired by Master Ram’s east-meets-west dance style that always injects new elements into Bollywood dance.  She has received professional training as a performer, teacher and choreographer under the guidance of Master Ram.

Sharan believes that everyone can dance and there are no restrictions.  She teaches students by motivating them and encouraging them to bring themselves forward, stay focused and follow attentively.  She always reminds students that patience is a very important element in dance, once they grip the base then they will be able to bring out the dance moves.  Her dance classes are always full of energy and dynamism.

Sharan’s dance is sassy, expressive, captivating, and there is a characteristic grace layered with emotional exuberance.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • More than 10 years of dance experience
  • Performer in numerous international and local dance shows with leading roles
  • Performed in HK International Women’s Baseball Tournament  Asia Insurance Phoenix Cup 2012 Opening Ceremony
  • Performed in RTHK Voters Registration Campaign 2012
  • Performing artist in various music videos with leading roles
  • Completed Dance Instructor Training