Master Ram

Master Ram (compressed)

Our Guru,

Master Ram is a professional dancer, instructor and choreographer from India with extensive teaching and performing experiences in India, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.  Since a young age of 15, he has won many dance championships and became one of the youngest certified dance masters, teaching more than 10,000 students per year in India and choreographing for various dance teams and renowned companies.  He has been a judge at various dance competitions in India and was interviewed by FM All India Radio for “Young Talents in India”.  In May 2009, he was voted “The Bollywood Dance King” by a well-known newspaper called Hong Kong Daily News.

Master Mark Roberto (Tony) was Master Ram’s first and only dance master. He had learnt from him for a short time and has attained outstanding results. Master Tony owned a dance school in Visakhapatnam, India called “Firestones Dance Crew” and he passed it over to Master Ram for him to run, teach and utilize his own creations to make the best of it. Master Ram has made Firestones a one of the top ranking dance schools in India by producing top choreographers and dancers to work in the Indian Film Industry and to teach overseas in well-known dance schools and fitness centers.

Master Ram has worked with celebrities and performed in many events in India, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Moreover, he had organized the first ever biggest east clash west Bollywood Dance showcase in Hong Kong called “Show The World What We’ve Got 1&2” in August 2009 and September 2010.  He has supervised, guided both of the shows with his extensive and expertise knowledge by leading a group of more than 100 performers for a 4 hours continuous show. All show performances were choreographed and directed by his creative concepts including the show theme, designing of costumes and backdrops etc.

Master Ram’s started his own venture and established “DanzXtreme” with his vision to create unlimited dance creations and develop professional dance stars.  Not only thousands of dance classes were conducted, under Master Ram’s leadership DanzXtreme produced hundreds of dance subjects, songs choreography, music videos and performances; and he has trained up extraordinary dance teachers who are daring and dashing individuals with the passion and skills to teach dance.  Master Ram is also a Certified Zumba Instructor to conduct the Latin-dance-inspired fitness program.

With his passionate teaching, flawless techniques, ingenious choreography and innovative creations, Master Ram is considered the best-of-the-best amongst young India dance masters.  He is one of the leading dance artists in the countries he has worked in, and has raised cultural awareness and inspired the dance industry with his talents and dedication.

My belief,

Dance is a language that can communicate with different people worldwide, Dance connects people, Dance shows the joy and sorrow of one and Dance is my life.  This is my belief and my mission is to introduce my own unique style to the world.

I understand my dance journey will come to an end one day.  Before this journey finishes, I wish to show, to pass, to teach and to share my skills with those who have a true heart to learn.  My training has got no restrictions for anybody such as age, gender or race.  I welcome anyone who wants to achieve something in life and have a genuine interest to learn from me.

Master Ram’s dance is powerful, precise, finesse and on the other hand graceful. He is a patient, observant and dedicated teacher. He can discover each of his student’s style and help them further develop and improve their skills.  He specializes in mixing the east west dance culture to create his own unique dance styles and is in-charge of setting all subjects at the studio. Master Ram is the main instructor of DanzXtreme and will conduct all personal training classes at the studio or requested locations as per his schedule.