Specialty:  Bellydance (Fusion, Latin, Modern, Tabla, Tribal), Contemporary, Dirty Dance and Exotic.

Trained in other dance styles:  Bollywood, Bollywood Funk, Bollywood Mass, Hip Hop, MTV Funk, Pop Korean, and Tollywood.

Karen learned ballet at a young age and gained a solid foundation in dance techniques.  Thereafter learning dance from Master Ram has opened a wide window to Karen on dance as an art form that is expressive, vibrant and creative.   She was trained under Master Ram in numerous genres of dance forms, but she was most inspired by his unique Bellydance creations that are highly demanding in the techniques as well as the manifestation of elegance and grace; at the same time they are modernized with a twist of western influence.  Karen has become a professional dance teacher after completed her training under Master.

Karen’s Bellydance teaching focuses on the movements that involve isolating different parts of the body, and the importance of correct postures and muscle control.  These are important fundamentals that are not only applicable to Bellydance but also to any other dance styles.

Karen has strong foundation in dance techniques and a precise rhythmic sense.  She enjoys music and dance and hopes to inspire her students.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • More than 10 years of dance experience
  • Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Vocational Graded Examinations in Ballet Dance : Elementary Foundation
  • Solo performer in Standard Chartered company event
  • Solo performer in Prince of Wales Hospital staff event
  • Performer in numerous international and local dance shows with leading roles
  • Performed in Magic Hugs Charity Show for Children’s Cancer Foundation.
  • Performed in HK International Women’s Baseball Tournament  Asia Insurance Phoenix Cup 2012 Opening Ceremony
  • Performed in RTHK Voters Registration Campaign 2012
  • Performing artist in various music videos with leading roles
  • Completed Dance Instructor Training