Specialty:  Bollywood Funk, Freestyle, Funk, Hip Hop and Kids Dance.

Trained in other dance styles:  Bollywood, Freestyle, MTV Funk, Pop Korean and Tollywood.

Fifi is an energetic dancer who learnt from Master Ram not only the techniques but also the passion and commitment in dancing.  Her dance style is one of the signature styles of Master Ram’s – masculine, powerful and expressive.

Fifi’s teaching aims to bring out a high level of energy that females can do equally well as males. She also focuses on helping each student create a style according to the dance genre as well as a reflection of his/her personality.  A positive and encouraging learning atmosphere is always maintained in Fifi’s classes

Fifi strongly believes dance is an art form which brings joy and ignites passion, a manifestation of one’s feelings and personality.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • More than 5 years of dance experience
  • Guest dance instructor at Canadian International School Hong Kong
  • Performer in Physical Fitness TVC shooting
  • Performer in numerous international and local dance shows with leading roles
  • Performed in The Vision Of India ORBIS Charity Show
  • Performed in Magic Hugs Charity Show for Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Performed in HK International Women’s Baseball Tournament  Asia Insurance Phoenix Cup 2012 Opening Ceremony
  • Performed in RTHK Voters Registration Campaign 2012
  • Performing artist in various music videos with leading roles
  • Completed Dance Instructor Training