Class Subject Description

DanzXtreme class subject description

  • All classes are designed as per students’ demands, taste and target
  • Classes are taught according to description
  • All class subjects are in alphabetical order

Bellydance Basics:

Bellydance Basics focuses on the fundamentals and techniques of bellydance, such as isolation, hip circle, ribcage rotation, shoulder shaking, arm movement, shimmy, twist, maya and many more.  It also introduces the elementary skills of using props for bellydance such as veil, finger cymbals, tambourines etc.  Apart from basic steps, simple routines will be taught for the students to practice the steps. The instructor will advocate the importance of correct postures and muscle control, and these are useful not only for Bellydance but also for any other dance styles.


Bhangra is a lively cultural dance from Northern India, it’s fun to learn and perform. It is a dance for joyous moments, and is a highly rhythmic, lively, joyous and catchy dance.  Bhangra can be danced solo or with partners, with lots of formation, clapping and shoulder movements. It is mostly danced at parties, gatherings and celebrations. It mixes cardio vascular action with dynamic fun, and is suitable for participants of all ages and fitness level.

Bhangra Funk:

Bhangra Funk is a creation of DanzXtreme, it is very fast and rhythmic with a very festive feel to it.  The recent trend of music globally is to fuse Punjabi Bhangra with hip hop, jazz, funk, rap and pop music.    This class is the dance based on a combination of these new music genres resulting in high-speed, trendy choreography that will have your feet moving non-stop. Sweat it out with rapid-paced fun!


Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. Today, Bollywood films are not only adored in India, but they are renowned and sought after over the world.  It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, Classical, Indian Folk, Western Popular and modern Jazz and even Western exotic dancing. It is fun and very expressive and there is a lot of deep meaning behind the music in the films.  You can actually express what the music means through the graceful movements of the body.  It is a vibrant and entertaining dance that focuses on technique, fitness and flexibility, and a powerful combination of cardio vascular exercise with fun filled dances.

Bollywood Funk:

Bollywood Funk is a creation of DanzXtreme, it is a signature style to learn Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop fused with Bollywood beats in an expressive way, as seen in today’s hottest Bollywood film.  It is a high-energy and great exercise with passion.  Let’s feel it with funk!

Bollywood / Tollywood Mass: 

Bollywood / Tollywood Mass is inspired by the folk, street dance style. It is a highly spirited group dance expressing a theme or a story, involving lively dance movements and acting. Dancing to the fast beat and rhythmic Bollywood songs from popular Hindi-language movies, or Tollywood songs from Telugu / Tamil movies, Bollywood / Tollywood Mass is a dance for joyous moments filled with abundant energy. It is a vivacious dance form to make you active and elevated.


Cobra Dance is a creation of DanzXtreme. Using wild and jungle based songs with exaggerated dance steps, stunts, props to present the wild and exotic animals. It is great fun to play out your expressions differently together with energetic workout.    

Dance Basics:

Introducing techniques and fundamentals of dance. Good for first timers in dance and on the

other hand it is good workout.


Dare 2 Dance a more advanced level of dance for those who wants to take challenge.

Dirty Dance:

Dirty Dance is a unique creation of DanzXtreme.  It involves sensuous and seductive dance moves that can bring out the inner femininity of every woman.  It is an expressive form of dance with focus on expressions and mood; at the same time it requires flexible techniques to create sensual body movements.  Floor movements are commonly found in Dirty Dance, and sometimes props will be used such as chair or whip or rope.  DanzXtreme always encourages dancers to cross their own limits and discover their hidden selves.  Dirty Dance is one of the dance forms to achieve this goal, because Dirty Dance means “No Limits”.


Exotic Dance is designed for any female who wants to revive her femininity and unleash her seductive personality in an elegant fashion.  It is more to do with transformation, self-confidence, authentic self-expression, freedom, joy and real personal power.  You will learn to do some very sexy moves, how to sensually dance, how to attract others to you, yet more importantly it is a makeover from the inside out.  It is a gateway to your most feminine self, your true essence.  A truly unique and unforgettable experience for every female!!

Fat Burn:                              

Dance with aerobics to tone up, lose weight and cardiovascular training with fast music.                             


Folk is a regional Indian Dance with a fast and challenging rhythm.  It is a form of dance developed by a group of people, which reflects the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region.  This form of dancing involves a group of happy people, which forms a very important part of the life of most Indians, in terms of entertainment and celebration.  This folk style is adaptable to different types of music, different themes and different moods.  It is more easily learned and is also a very good cardio vascular exercise.     


Freestyle dance is the trendiest form of dance.  It involves steps and movements with lots of different arm and hand actions.  The music is fast, sensuous allowing participants of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their own dance style.


Fusion is a coolest, funkiest, most popular genre of music, derived mostly from the flamboyant styles of two different kinds of songs and styles, while Fusion is the freestyle of choreography for these fun-filled songs. Fusion is born to embrace the irresistible elements of both Eastern and Western moves and music mixed together.

Heels Dance:

Heels Dance is a sexy and sensual way to work out by dancing in high heels.  It is not only for dance lovers, but also for those who want to improve their walk in heels.  Through the professional teaching of our instructors, every female can grasp the basic techniques of dancing in heels and understand how to use her different body muscles.  A strong abdomen and back will be developed because these are the essentials for good balance when wearing heels.  The feminine and attractive “S” body shape will automatically appear. By mastering the techniques of heels dance, every female will be able to walk in heels with confidence and bring out her sensual quality. When the time comes she can also show off their sexy power in dance parties and clubbing.

Indian Dance:                       

It is a modern mix of classical and Bollywood dance styles with feminized steps and expressions with easy basic steps.


K-Pop is a music and dance genre consisting of pop, dance, electro pop, hip hop, rock and R&B music originating in South Korea.  It has rapidly grown into a popular sub-culture around the world.  The dance style of Korean idol groups and singers is highly sought after by teenagers and young adults.  At DanzXtreme, our K-Pop dance will bring forth a fresh interpretation from Master Ram with his unique east-meets-west insights.  Moreover after each class you will be filled with confidence of feeling like a Korean pop star!

Los Angeles Salsa Style:
Los Angeles style is strongly influenced by the basic mambo step, swing and Argentine tango styles of dancing. Part of the uniqueness of this style is that the dancer emphasizes the first beat and combines two elements to the dance: the forward backward basic and the cross-body lead. This style is very technical and requires intense dips, flips, jumps, splits and spins. LA Salsa requires a partner with close bodily contact, eye contact, understanding, coordinating and maintaining the dance together in a same mood. The dance is showy, theatrical and sensuous.


A diverse mixture made up of a series of songs danced in various styles.  Medley is mainly used for performances in groups or solos.  It is good to learn many styles at one go and challenging.

MTV Funk:                           

Dance in professional music videos as seen on television with more group coordination, formation and style. It makes you feel like a superstar!!!

Rope Dance:

The familiar Pole Dance is a combination of dance and gymnastics involving a static pole.  Rope Dance, exclusively introduced by Master Ram in Asia, is an advanced form to Pole Dance.  As the rope is soft and not static, dancing with the support of a rope requires more strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.  It involves challenging moves such as climbs, spins, swings and body inversions, and demands excellent core strength.  At the same time it is an interesting dance form through mastering the rope and expressing all the sensual and passionate dance movements.  You will feel completely free and liberated and can unleash your inner power.

Rope Dance at DanzXtreme is available for personal training only.

Street Dance:

Street Dance is a common name for several dance styles which all have their origin from the “street” where youngsters often challenged each other with new cool and sometimes acrobatic “moves” which fitted well into the Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and Rap music.  The attitude, the joy and the personal style therefore dominate the expressions in Street dancing.  Within Street dance you can find influences from Jazz, Locking, Popping, Hip-Hop, Swing, Breakdance, Funk etc.  There are no certain rules for what Street dance should look like.  All the street dancers have to find their own personal style which they can be proud of.

Theme Dance:

Interpreting the song through dance and acting.  From this class you can enhance your acting skills, confidence and it will make you more involved in a character.


Tollywood dance is the dance-form used in the South Indian films.  It is a mixture of numerous styles.  These styles include belly-dancing, Classical, Indian folk, Western pop, and “modern”, jazz, and even Western exotic dancing.  The instruments used in these music genres are totally different from Bollywood.  Tollywood dance is vibrant and entertaining dance that focuses on expression.  This type of dance incorporates a powerful combination of cardio vascular moves, fantastic for building stamina in the heart and lungs.

Wild Dance:

Wild Dance intensively designed to motivate, educate, excite and thrill the learner like no other dance convention has ever attempted in the past. It is a dance experience gone out of control.


A high energy class combines various martial arts techniques of martial arts like strike, punch and kick, to make a very challenging and a great cardio workout for a slim, strong, toned and flexible body. This class empowers music to motivate and addictive moves to create the ultimate class.  For high cardio workout lovers it is super energetic.

Xtreme Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is an urban dance style that has gained tremendous popularity in the last 2 decades, especially in the last few years.  Popular hip hop music from L.A. and New York is used to create a high energy class!  You will learn a lot of dance techniques, formation and build your own style. It is a great exercise, you can gain a boost in self-confidence and creativity.   Burn calories with the high physical activity!!

XtremeKiddy Dance:

Kids dance is a happy and playful class helping children to develop better body awareness, music sense, self-control, flexibility, coordination and confidence.

Xtreme Belly Dance in Folk, Fusion, Latin, Modern, Tabla, and Tribal style:    

Xtreme Belly Dance is a creation of DanzXtreme by Master Ram.  Bellydance is a western name for traditional women’s dances of the Middle East which displays the feminine grace, beauty and glamour.  Master Ram has evolved traditional Bellydance and fused with other kinds of dance style:  Latin Bellydance incorporates dance moves of Salsa, Samba etc.; Modern Bellydance makes use of Bollywood music or western pop music to choreograph contemporary Bellydance moves; Belly Tabla focuses on hitting to the strong drum and percussion beats with different parts of the body such as the chest, hip and shoulder; Tribal Bellydance is a folk-inspired dance with emotive elements and distinctive costumes.  All-in-all, Xtreme Bellydance focuses not only on techniques but also versatile and innovative styles that could only be found at DanzXtreme.

Xtreme Funky Dance:

Funky Dance was originated in the United States and has gained mass popularity.  It makes use of the latest popular music with strong beats to get your feet and body moving along easily.  At DanzXtreme, our Xtreme Funky Dance led by our energetic instructors will lead you through a 60-minute non-stop fun-filling and powerful dance class with a combination of unique choreographies including Hip Hop, Funk, Freestyle, Bollywood, Aerobics and even Bellydance! This is the best way to burn calories, improve your metabolism and stamina, and get a firm body figure!

XtremeStar Class:

This class is designed by Master Ram especially for dance lovers.  It is suitable for participants who are at medium or advanced dance level.  New learners are also welcomed.  Although it is hard for new learners but they can have chance to see and feel the different level and standard of dance.  In this class, the most popular top-rating songs will be taught.  All of these songs will be composed according to students’ capacity.  This class shows high standard, energetic and reality of dance.  It helps to improve participants’ skills to reach professional standard, build up their self-confidence and raise their energy level.  What you are taught in this class will guide you to be perfect in dancing.  At the last class of each song, video and/or photos will be taken and posted on our website.  Let’s beat the star class and be a star…


Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program and is highly popular in U.S.A. especially in California. It involves dance and aerobic elements, and its choreography combines salsa, samba, meringue and mambo etc. On top of the original Zumba form, Master Ram’s spiced it up with a feminine and sexy flavor that incorporates dance moves of Bollywood, Bellydance, Hip Hop and even Martial Arts. An absolutely fun and sensual cardio workout for a slim, strong, toned and flexible body. It is a highly energetic and vibrant group class that must not be missed.