About DanzXtreme

DanzXtreme self discovery starts here……

DanzXtreme is situated in a convenient location right next to Wanchai MTR Station. The studio offers a competition size dance floor featuring 1,000 sq feet of solid wooden flooring with a state-of-the-art sound system, DJ system and groovy disco lights to make classes more enjoyable.

DanzXtreme is a creation by Master Ram who is the Director, Choreographer and Chief Instructor.  He is diversified in teaching more than 20 kinds of dance styles and has broad experience across Asia including India, Singapore, Thailand, China and HK. In the past 2 decades Master Ram has taught thousands of students; and he is also a trainer of of dance teachers and performers.

DanzXtreme offers challenges to all age groups to embrace all forms and aesthetics of dance and to learn from the rich cultural traditions of each dance style. DanzXtreme is the only studio in Asia which provides a mix of both eastern and western dance styles through its unique classes and teaching technique. DanzXtreme is an exact base for dance filled with raving atmosphere.

DanzXtreme offers a relaxing social atmosphere for dance and group fitness. It offers a supportive environment for all of its students while striving for the best practices in dance instruction and improving their skills.  Dancing at the studio is recreational and entertaining. It creates a social life, while affording students the opportunity to meet people.

DanzXtreme classes are designed for each individual’s needs such as for fun, fitness or simply to workout. Working in Hong Kong’s hustle bustle life it makes one stressed out and tired.  Dance elevates our mood by raising our endorphin levels. This is what allows us to heal stress and depression, two of our immune system’s biggest enemies. The studio’s instructors will create dance routines accordingly to help achieve each student’s targets such as improving stamina, weight-loss, stress relief etc. all in a healthy manner.

Excellence is the rule at DanzXtreme. We help to discover, set and achieve each student’s goals with perfection.”

The studio’s instructors have extensive experience and professional dance certifications in various kinds of dance. All instructors have been carefully assessed and selected by Master Ram to teach at DanzXtreme.

Join us and have the highest quality dance experience you can have at DanzXtreme.

Our Mission

There are no limits or boundaries at DanzXtreme. We welcome people of all age, gender and race to join us for self discovery

Our mission is to:

  • Strengthen you
  • Improve your endurance
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Improve your mind power
  • Shape you up
  • Encourage you to take challenges
  • Inspire you to step out of the ordinary
  • Ignite your passion not only in dance, but in life itself
  • Overcome obstacles
  • We believe only Dance can achieve the above because:
  • Dance is a tool in mastering yourself
  • Dance is a window to connect to your true spirits
  • Dance is a communication between your body and mind
  • Dance allows you to discover your hidden abilities
  • Dance can lead you to realize your dreams
  • Dance allows you to express yourself
  • Dance is FREEDOM
  • So we, DanzXtreme are committed to empower you on your journey to become the best that you can be. We want you to build up true confidence and reach as far as your body and mind could go
  • Discipline, tenacity, ability to take criticism, creative analysis, and innovative thinking are all by-products of what one will achieve when learning at DanzXtreme
  • We want a studio to overflow with passion, high spirits and respect.
  • Together we can achieve anything that we desire.

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create dreams.”